Candidate Surveys
  • 21 Aug 2023
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Candidate Surveys

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Welcome to the Candidate Surveys help page. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of our Candidate Surveys software, its features, and how to use it effectively.

What are Candidate Surveys?

Candidate Surveys is a powerful tool designed to streamline the candidate feedback and evaluation process during your recruitment or hiring efforts. With Candidate Surveys, you can create, distribute, and analyze surveys to gain valuable insights into your candidates' experiences and qualifications.

Key Features

1. Custom Survey Creation

  • Create customized surveys tailored to your organization's specific needs.
  • Choose from various question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions.
  • Incorporate your branding elements to maintain a consistent look and feel.

2. Survey Distribution

  • Send surveys automatically to candidates after interviews or other key recruitment stages.
  • Share surveys via email or generate unique survey links.

3. Real-time Analytics

  • Access real-time reports and analytics to track candidate feedback.
  • Monitor response rates and identify areas of improvement.
  • Export data for further analysis.

4. Candidate Communication

  • Use pre-built templates or customize messages to accompany your surveys.
  • Maintain communication with candidates and ensure a positive candidate experience.

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